The ultimate modular building.

Optimum design, maximum capability.

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OptiMax works for you and your customers

Because it is so versatile, each single OptiMax or in configuration with other OptiMax modules, can be used as an:

  • Office building
  • VIP room
  • Recreational room
  • Showroom (by exchanging wall panels for glazed walls)
  • Ticket booth
  • Guard building
  • Hospital
  • School
  • Shelter
  • Hotel
  • Sports facility and much much more... *

*Our OptiMax units have been used to build a prison and a chapel, among others.

Dimensions: w: 8’ l: 20’ h: 9’6’’ >>Internal ceiling height: 8’2’’ >>Wind load (3 story high stacking): 150 mph >>Snow load: 60 lbs/sqft >>Seismic design: category F (single story)

OptiMax comes with full, 360 degree support, so that you can satisfy all your clients’ needs: connection kits are available, as well as roof skirting, glazed walls, personalized colors, and complete optional design and engineering support: designing and engineering multi story buildings, preparing and submitting the drawings and plans, as well as available independent third party inspections and approvals. You will never be alone, striving to meet your customers’ expectations.

Easy on your maintenance budget: A sturdy steel frame and galvanized wall panels enable quick touch ups or replacement of individual wall panels in case of damage – your OptiMax is sparkling and ready for a new customer in no time. Low maintenance costs: with excellent thermal performance your customers will always be comfortable in OptiMax, either in cold or hot areas.

You customers will love it: OptiMax is completely reconfigurable: steel moment frames and panelized walls enable easy and quick reconfiguration. In a short amount of time, you can reconfigure your single office into double, triple or a larger building. You can make the modules into recreation rooms, dinning halls or medical buildings. The best part is: after usage, you can convert it back to standard or to a new layout as needed. Wall panels are interchangeable – thus you can move door and window panels to any location needed.

>>8’x20’ footprint means cost efficient and easy transportation – two units can fit on a flatbed truck, no permits or escorts needed. >>Ready to deploy: just set your unit on the ground, connect the electrical power and start working. No stairs needed for ground level set. >>Designed to be stacked up to three stories high (higher configuration also available as option) in most layouts. >>It’s green: made from recyclable materials, all components (steel frame, rockwool panels, and vinyl windows) of OptiMax are easy on the environment and can be recycled. >>The Smallest Footprint Available: no space on the job site for your customer’s workers? No problem, OptiMax builds into three story high building configuration in no time, giving your workers optimal working conditions, while saving on that precious space, especially on metropolitan job sites. >>Handles the toughest conditions: Your customers need buildings on restricted job sites and difficult areas to access… OptiMax is classified non-combustible and can be used within such regulated sites as nuclear power plants. Due to it’s compact size it can be transported with a small truck on the most winding roads or, due to it’s optimized weight it can be airlifted where there are no roads at all! >>OptiMax is IBC compliant and can be used in all states.

>>Durable: Designed to be used 365, for more than 20 years >>High wind area: no problems, Optimax can handle hurricane winds of up to 150 mph in 3 story high configuration and more in lower configurations >>Lot of snow in the winter: no worries: OptiMax is designed for 60 lbs/ sqft snow load >>The durable vinyl floor covering will take abuse from work boots and can be easily repaired if damaged >>Four ISO sized corner blocks enable easy handling and along with forklift pockets ensure, that you can move your OptiMax around with basic machinery.

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